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Twelve Zodiac Signs Buddha S925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

Twelve Zodiac Signs Buddha S925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

Twelve Zodiac Signs Buddha S925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

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This lucky bracelet beautifully combines the harmonious concepts of "Trios" (Sanhe) and "Sextiles" (Liuhe) within the twelve zodiac signs with the essence of Buddha.

Specifically, the "Trios" are Rat, Dragon, and Monkey; Ox, Snake, and Rooster; Tiger, Horse, and Dog; Rabbit, Sheep, and Pig. These trios are believed to complement and harmonize with each other in terms of character and compatibility.

The "Sextiles" are Rat and Ox; Tiger and Pig; Rabbit and Dog; Dragon and Rooster; Snake and Monkey; Horse and Sheep. The interactions between these pairs can have positive effects, and when together, they can collectively create better outcomes.

Check out your zodiac sign below based on year of birth.

The centerpiece of the bracelet showcases a serene Buddha charm, exuding a sense of tranquility and enlightenment.
The bracelet features customized "Trios" and "Sextiles" symbols according to your zodiac sign.

The Six Mantras hold deep significance in Buddhist tradition, representing qualities such as peace, wisdom, compassion, and protection.

The lustrous silver shines with a radiant glow, bringing attention to the intricate details of each charm.

This bracelet makes a meaningful gift for yourself or a loved one, offering a blend of style, spirituality, and personal connection.


Product Details

- Product Type: Handmade Bracelet
- Material: S925 Silver, String
Children Size: 13-15 cm
   Women Size: 16 -17 cm
   Men Size: 18-19 cm

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