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Crystal Feng Shui Tree

Crystal Feng Shui Tree

Crystal Feng Shui Tree

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Our Feng Shui Tree is handmade with natural gemstones and crystals which help to attract the healing energy you need and help to balance areas of your home and businesses. 

The pink tree is made with Rose Quartz which is the stone of love. It purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, allowing one the capacity to truly give and receive love from others. 

The yellow tree is made with Citrine. Its vibrant yellow color and shining clarity often remind us of the bright, warm sun and the vitality of life. Citrine is often used to bring hope, activate creativity as well as attract wealth.

The purple tree is made of Amethyst which has strong healing and cleansing powers. Amethyst is a natural tranquiliser. It helps to relieve stress and strain, to soothe irritability and to balance mood swings.

The blue tree is made with Aquamarine which is often associated with serenity, tranquility, and universal harmony. Its calming energies help reduce stress and quiet the mind. Aquamarine is also used to clear confusion and to accelerate the intellectual reasoning processes. It makes us unconquerable through learning, not only about the physical world, but also about ourselves.

The green tree is made with Peridot which is associated with strength and balance. This refreshing green stone is believed to bring health, delight and good cheer.

If you need protection against all forms of negative vibrations, our multi-stone tree would be a good fit. This colorful combination draws energy from the Earth into the aura creating a defensive shield against negative energies and emotional attack.

Product Details

- Product Type: Handcrafted ornament
- Material: Natural Gemstones, Copper Wire
- Variants: Available in 6 styles
* Product color may slightly vary due to natural stones' properties.

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